Work in Progress

Incerte politics, secure citizens: Public perceptions of policing preferences during the "Brigate Rosse" era

Unmasking the truth: CEO scandal-based rhetoric and gendered labor dynamics

The (unintended) consequences of shifting media attention: Contagion in times of war (with P. Conzo)
[Draft available upon request]

Working Papers

Turnout and political distance
(with L. Becchetti)
Media coverage: La Voce

What about the others? Conditional cooperation, climate change perception and ecological actions
(with L. Becchetti, F. Salustri)
Revise and Resubmit at Ecological Economics

Do word-count constraints affect populism and verbal violence? Evidence from Twitter data in Italy
(with L. Becchetti, G. Beccari)
Revise and Resubmit at European Journal of Political Economy

Resilience, social capital, active citizenship and subjective wellbeing: the contribution of generativity
(with L. Becchetti)
Revise and Resubmit (2nd Round) at Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics

Pre PhD Publications

The social value of health: amenable deaths and estimated the gap with the life expectancy frontier
(with L. Becchetti, G. Trovato)
Health Policy, 2023

Excess mortality and protected areas during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from Italian municipalities
(with L. Becchetti, P. Conzo, F. Salustri)
Health Policy, 2022

Preferences for Climate Change Fiscal Policies in European Countries: Drivers and Seasonal effects
(with L. Becchetti)
Economia Politica, 2022
Media coverage: Corriere della Sera

Particulate Matter and COVID-19 excess deaths: decomposing long-term exposure and short term effects
(with L. Becchetti, G. Beccari, P. Conzo, D. De Santis, F. Salustri)
Ecological Economics, 2022

Understanding the heterogeneity of adverse covid-19 outcomes: The role of poor quality of air and lockdown decisions
(with L. Becchetti, P. Conzo, F. Salustri)
Journal of Environmental Management, 2021
Media coverage: Corriere della Sera , Il Sole 24 Ore, La Repubblica, Huffington Post, La Stampa, Le Iene, L'Avvenire, Vita, Il Piacenza, Etica SGR

The Gender Life Satisfaction/Depression Paradox
(with L. Becchetti)
Social Indicator Research, 2021

Avoiding a “despair death crisis” in europe. the drivers of human (un)sustainability
(with L. Becchetti)
International Review of Economics, 2021

Air quality and COVID-19 adverse outcomes: divergent views and experimental finding
(with L. Becchetti, G. Beccari, P. Conzo, D. De Santis, F. Salustri)
Environmental Research, 2021

Refereeing activity

Applied Economics; BMC Research Notes; Italian Economic Journal; International Review of Economics; Scientific Reports